The day you know…

To CPAC: Please post this, because its just a bit important, thanks. [Pretty please?]

This is based on a true story of struggle, stress and how l feel over the cp armies communities. [Dont delete this]

Hi Ice Warriors,

I am posting this because l am basically retiring on May-Jun because I have a lot of issues about life and l really need to focus on with my life with friends and family about the stuff that l need to do. Im saying this because l am getting tired of dramas over the cp armies, every armies l joined – the drama comes and its too much. I usually get stressed out easily when that happens.

When the first time l came over to the UMA chat, l remember when the UMA was trying to make fun of me and l remember some people who just literally doxed me, and l was all shocked and fed up. I got stressed the first time, and l felt awful for the first time. Then, the second time it was SaW, and then Quackenbush. Anyway, the time when in SWAT chat – the time when Badboy was first chill before he gets so different and becomes really outraging and decided to save pics about my personal ones off from facebook, stalking me as a creeper. That’s how l got stressed out.


Badboy – You’re 14 man, and you should know better. You should stop saving my personal pics about me back in hillside and the personal pics off from facebook. It is not necessary to save someone’s pic and you should know better. Please.

Reacon – l was not very happy when you save my personal pics and its not nice, it is disrespectful. gYou’re 18-19, w,e your age is. But you need to stop making fun of my pics, you’re an adult not some troll person. Please delete the pic l asked you, before l throw you in the oven. It’s not even funny anymore, that pic is old and you guys need to stop.

That’s how l got depressed as well. I have gotten lost interest over the internet.

I also have been cyberbullying on the internet and that goes to xat, its not easy to meet friends that not really nice – trust me and this is what happens. It’s not funny and im not even joking, whenever l met a person l dont know – he/she gets pissed easily and asked something as an insult or rude. I got upset, cried some day and my life is broken – as well as being offended and insulting, calling me names. Basically half of my friends on xat got suicide themself and killed them self, which is very sad.

Ask parents to stop cyberbullying, that’s what l do.

Even when you’re at cam, skype, or anything like that – this is what happens. Its true and someone can be a murder and can take your IP address and all that. So you should keep it as a secret to yourself and not tell them about your personal address and where you live. Dont trust the people who mess with you.

As you can see, l am nice to you guys. It’s not good to have it like this, and l am moving on when l retire on May-June. Somewhere to that month. Enough with this stress past.

Moving on, l am bored of club penguin armies because l know how l feel when it comes to club penguin having it updated as a brand-new one with a new rule, the time l was used to be good as SaW – the best recruiter of chat recruiting – now its dead, and l have to use the autotyper phrases. But Club Penguin blocked it and it get tougher, l only used it on twitter and thats my hope. Also its really different comparing to the old times and the new times. I have been there, done that – and its time for me to move on. I dont really care if l didn’t get a chance to lead – its not worthless for me because its just hard to become one and even when you’re in an army – drama comes on and gets in a trouble, and sometimes things get tough. So yeah, and l didnt like it – l didn’t know that its not easy, but really hard.

Im retiring on May-June and this is the reason why.


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  1. I found this very touching


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