Love in the Time of Hate – I’m Back

Hello Ice Warriors,

(quick video i put together with some pics from feb-march 2015)

When I first joined this army with my closest friends (Spy, Final, Ghost, and Hulk) I promised Icey that we would rise this army to the top within a month. We did this very quickly.. yet it felt very unfulfilled. Why you may ask? Well it’s quite simple actually, we have been to busy fighting and arguing against each other. We started to fall the minute our chat became divided. Not because we were “defeated” by the Doritos (we totally pwned them) but because the IW veterans and I did not see eye to eye on many things. 

I am use to doing things the way my friends and I have been doing for the past year. We are not dictators and we aren’t assholes. We are leaders, we do everything in our power to make this army the best it can be. Just because you’re banned does not mean we dislike you or have anything against you in the first place (unless you’re cpac). We try our best to make sure everyone is having fun even if it doesn’t seem like that all the time.

Someone on the chat stated that I have no ‘good side’ and that I am just a mean guy in general. This is not true. If you ask some of my closest friends you would know that I defend them whenever someone attempts to trash talk or criticize them in general. Most of the people I heavily disliked at one point are now some of my closest friends, Freezie66 is a fine example of this. Freezie and I had a massive feud that almost lasted for about the entire year of 2013. We did NOT like each other for a very long time and now we’re very close friends. I am never in a bad-mood, I am a very happy person and very out-going once you get to know me. I keep a very very small list of people I consider friends, and this doesn’t mean I don’t protect my troops. I will NEVER allow my troops to be trash talked by another army or person. If you are being bullied by a certain group or person please let me know because I will deal with it as quickly as possible. 

I’m starting to get off-subject so I’ll state my point.

Treat me well, and i will treat you even better.


Recently I’ve been a bit disappointed at recent activities on our chat-room which involves arguing, cussing, and people being unbanned whenever they got banned for a valid reason. Most of it being over stupid stuff and not worth the risk of being banned. 

Icey and I have been talking back and forth trying to come to terms on how to work everything out. After 3 days we have finally agreed on terms, and I’ve been reinstated as Leader.

Some Terms that were agreed on:

ALL CPAC EMPLOYEES WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY BANNED UNLESS SAID OTHERWISE BY ME *If CPAC dare to threaten us for this move we will have no problem in raiding their tournaments*

No person will be unbanned without the entire Leadership saying so.

The IW veterans will be banned if caught causing trouble (I have decided to give them all a chance allowing them to be in iw or on our chat) 

More terms were agreed on but are not needed to be listed here.

As stated above – We can not afford to be divided. The Ice Warriors must stick together regardless of the year you joined or the different opinions you have. Iceyfeet has allowed you on the chat for years and has advised me not to deal with you guys as i have with other rule breakers. Apparently there is something Icey see’s in all of you that i have failed to see for myself. Because of this, i will allow you to be on our chat and continue to be an Ice Warrior if you choose to do so. But keep note – if you continue to start stuff with other warriors and fail to listen to orders you will be banished from this army. 

I am glad to be back and I look forward leading this army back to world power status. 

Lets get to it Ice Warriors,

~Winter is Coming~

~Andrew24 Leader of the Ice Warriors

3 Responses

  1. It’s good to know you are back Andrew. Maybe when people read this post, they will calm down and we will all be one big happy army again. 🙂


  2. HATERS GONNA HATE, They should never stop u drew 😉 Move on drew 😀 lets make IW world power again. IW FOREVER


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