What is an Ice Warrior?

Sir Pj Edit: Re-wrote the post so it has correct grammar, spelling, formatting and overall just makes more sense.

Greetings Ice Warriors,

Back in 2013, Johnnylumber made a post about what exactly an Ice Warriors is.

Click here to read the post.

These past few days I’ve noticed some people behaving in ways which are stupid and not allowed on our chat. Don’t you remember the golden rule of treating others the way you’d like to be treated? Seriously, who would want to go to a chat where mods are being rude to other mods and members? Nobody would. Everyone – even retirees – should respect leaders and lead a good example for newer troops. Mods, you’re supposed to be role models to younger and newer troops, and you’re not. The reason we won the March Madness tournament is because WE WORKED TOGETHER – LIKE WE SHOULD BE.

Johnnylumber said once – “How do you get the 1# spot? How do you change your attitude? BY LOYALTY, DEDICATION and RESPECT.” – and it is very true. Show the leaders you deserve to be a mod by acting mature and good enough for the job. All of this fighting has got us nowhere, and everyone must step up their game if they want this army to be in the #1 spot again.

Stop complaining. Start helping.

4 Responses

  1. Nice post Bullet. You have a point and I believe you are right. We need to stick together. We need to be a fun happy army again. We aren’t just an army, we are a big family. We are a different type of army. We care about eachother, we support eachother and we work hard to help eachother. So please, don’t put eachother down. Focus on trying to work together. 🙂


  2. Thanks for re-edit it Pj <<33


  3. We all are one big family. No need to fight each other.


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