Club Penguin Frozen Fever Party 2015 Is Here

SPOILERS: There is gonna be the same room as the Frozen Party from last year – about the Elsa’s Ice Castle. 

Hey Ice Warriors,

SUB ZERO, Club Penguin IWNH HQ –

Frozen Fever has started it yesterday and l am here help you with this walk-through! Some rooms from Frozen party are here, and some are new for the Frozen Fever Party. Click read more. 🙂

Club Penguin’s fourth party of 2015, the Frozen Fever Party, is now happening!

The party is until May 6th, unless you’re on mobile, in which case it’s two weeks longer.

Party and Free Items

When you first login you’ll be greeted by Anna, who is with Olaf and Elsa.

It’s so nice to meet you all! Elsa has brought magic snowflakes to help you cool off!
Remember, the heart is the only way to melt magic ice. Try emoting one if you want to that a room.

Also, at the party, there is a free Spring Palace Igloo for everyone. Be sure to collect that before the party ends! There are also items you can obtain by collecting magical snowflakes at the Beach, Dock, Town, Snow Forts, Plaza, Forest, and Cove. As well as the new Frozen Fever items!

It`s the same as the original Frozen Party which compared the same – the snowflakes are smaller. Here’s what they look like:

After you get the three snowflakes in a room you’ll automatically unlock the items. One item is for everyone and one is for members.

The Dock has a brand new room design for the Frozen Fever Party. Scattered throughout the room are many different pins.

Go through the doors for even more pins!

Once you collect the snowflakes in all the rooms you can collect an item, the sparkles, a snowman puffle, and transform. (all members only)

Elsa’s Ice Palace will be opening next Thursday.


The usual emotes from the original Frozen Party – have returned:


It’s a solid party and an improvement/extension to the original Frozen Party. There’s many items (a scavenger hunt, if you will) and the snowflakes are smaller and slightly more difficult to find. It’s win-win. Thanks Club Penguin for the party! I’m still stumped why it’s a month long on mobile, though, it seems like overkill…

Bye for now,

Kyle103 Third In Command and IWNH Creator

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