We Won’t Stop || The Retirement Of Dan

Hey Ice Warriors, Dan here.

I was recruited on 20th of April, 2011. by a well-known person Iceyfeet12 and Gadunka345 (1 of these two, i don’t remember who it was…) I started IW as private and slowly ranked up till high member, but suddenly another well know person known as Elmikey caught my attention on DW chat. I pc’ed him about asking what is RPF? he replied that it was the Rebel Penguin Federation army of cp, I took interest in it ans went to their chat. lately on the same day I joined RPF. And ranked up till 4ic under the leadership of: Snaily and Lilstar. When everything was joining good, I was doing great, RPF faced a huge challenge, THE REMOVAL OF ELMIKEY. That thing left a huge impact on me and i decided that I will bring Elmikey back to RPF. The next day I went to the chat and suddenly got to know that I was promoted to 3ic, I continued the work and the thing which I was waiting for was there….. I was hired as leader in RPF leading there ausia division. And soon after the retirement of Snaily and Lil the waffles gang was leading RPF. I decided to leave RPF and join DW where my great leader was, I joined DW as 4ic and ranked up till 3ic under the leadership of Spi101 – Badboy. 1 more thing that left a huge impact on me was when DW closed because of Badboy. I decided to return to my home army, ICE WARRIORS. And today I am here in front of you holding the status of ausia leader. But now, the time has come to retire for this community. I am really busy these days with my school, parents, friends and a big thing which i never decided to face. My brother lost his life in a car accident and that thing has left a huge impact on me leading me taking this step. For next 1 month I am not in the country, you all may thing that Dan is always on chat but it’s just my account from mobile I’ll be afk for most of time. With ending this I give my friend Raven/Asuna 100% power for ausia. also please note that this is JUST a temp retirement I will be back soon. For this period of time I have been given the rank of adviser by our leader/creator Iceyfeet12

Some Special People I found:

Iceyfeet12: Where ever I am in what ever condition, I’ll never forget you. You were the greatest leader I found in this army.

Andrew24 & Spy: You guys thought me many thing through out my Journey till now, It was great leading a division under you 2.

Gtu & Albc: I treated you guys less as leader and more as buddy’s, We 3 had many fights in past but I am sorry for that miss ya bae’s ❤

Elmikey & Silverburg: You guys are my buddy’s and my bae, Elmikey I did nothing for RPF in past tho leading itfor 1 year was a great chance for me. But I still say that what ever I did was right. People hate me because I gave you RPF, But nah idc. Silverdon’t be jelly ILY ❤

Sir PJ & Redgrush: I became your friend in 2013 when I joined RPF, but I never thought that I would become so great friend of yours.

Bluesockwa1, Bluesockwa2, Kingfunks4: Forget the fight B1 and be happy I reaized my fault, CPAC/SMAP/SMAC were never made for me. B2 you don’t like me ik but m8 its ok everyone can’t like everyone in world. Funks I’ll miss you and never forget you ❤

To Others: There are millions of people who came here and became my friends can’t put then all so just 1 thing ILY ❤


For Iceyfeet12, Andrew, Spy & Gtu:

For Raven, Spikey, Kyle,  Ryan, Sir PJ, Katie, Final Chaser and Hulk:


For Others:


For my haters:



See you on May 23/30 🙂

We Will Rise

~Dan (Ice Warriors Adviser/Retired Ausia Leader)

5 Responses

  1. You left out how you never stayed in IW for a month before this and how you left for ACP all the time. You joined in 2013 and RPF recruited you. You never led RPF. You left DW for IW then went back again.


  2. Listen to me you swine. Don’t you ever touch my posts. Got it? If I find out you as much make an edit to it I will remove you from CPST site.


  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 NOO0000000OOOOOOO!!!!!!!! THIS IS A JOKE AND I KNOW IT IS


  4. I realized that you forgot me… but have fun in life m8 ;(


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