About Billybob’s Retirement [Club Penguin]

I know it says Dark Warriors… But really, some of you guys needs to understand that if you didn’t know that Billybob has retired from Club Penguin. Some of you guys didn’t know that. Well, this post will says it all.

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Hey Dark Warriors,

Many of you didn’t know that Billybob retired from the Club Penguin back in October 17, 2012. Well, heres a thing. Billybob is going to be moving on. He’s going to be focusing on building some cool stuff for schools. Hes also learning the same way as he did to help Club Penguin. He’ll be letting his friends, Polo Field and Businessmoose, to keep Club Penguin active with all the latest behind-the-scenes updates here on the blog. Billybob will still visit around Club Penguin and to hang out, but just not work. Billybob has been a creator of Club Penguin since 2005, and was the President and CEO of Club Penguin, before CP was bought by Disney in August 2007. After the purchase, he became Executive Vice President (EVP) and General Manager of Disney Interactive Studios. If you tried to add Billybob to your buddies list, it…

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2 Responses

  1. …….it will say you cant find him on the island


  2. just type in billybob% in da friends list instead


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