My Little Pony Takeover Confirmed + The Daily Spin Will Be At Club Penguin’s 2015 Fair

Hey Ice Warriors,

SUB ZERO, Club Penguin IWNH HQ

Yeah, the title says it all, there will be a “My Little Pony Takeover” and was confirmed by Megg. Click read more for why…  + Yesterday on their Facebook page the Club Penguin Team posted a sneak peek of the Fair. They revealed that the Daily Spin will be a part of the Fair again, just like it was at the 2014 Fair.

Just kidding, it’s an advertisement made by Club Penguin talking about how nonmembers will be able to adopt the rainbow puffle on mobile for free later this month.

I think that’s Megg’s voice at the end? Either way, from May 21st through June 3rd nonmembers can get a rainbow puffle on mobile. Will you be adopting one?


Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 10.19.23 AM

Here’s the image in a bigger size:


Rookie says there will be items you can win, although I guess he’s covering them because I see none on the board. I just hope I can win them all, as I like to collect every item I possibly can.

Bye for now,

~Kyle103 Third In Command and IWNH Creator

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  1. my little pony is lesbian


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