[USA] Battle of Flippers – Results

Hey guys,

Today, we logged on to defend Flipper. The only ones who showed up were The Golds. Right here I would say the formations and room changes, but I logged on late. We maxed 28 and averaged 25. CLICK READ MORE FOR PICTURES




1 “!”



—Beast4262, IW LVL 15 MOD

13 Responses

  1. comments are open now? LOL i posted like 40 comments in the last post 4 battle of flipper because these comments werent open yet XD ill post them later though worked for a hour on that :/ anyway good battle


  2. Please unnamed me from chat so I can stay with the IW.


  3. what did you do bro


    • I got banned because I said “BOTS IN 3…2…1…”. It was meant to be a joke, seeing that the bots are getting more common, but some guy who looked very unfamiliar banned me forever. So I would like to stay in the army.


  4. i came but got the time mixed up so i was late 😦


  5. i came, obviusly


  6. It was fun being in iw. I got fired for skipping a event. I skipped it because I was disrespected behind my back. And a owner saying it was peaceful when i was afk.


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