IWNH: UPDATE – Royal Items Coming Next Week to the Club Penguin App

UDATE: Kyle edit – Uh oh. First the Club Penguin Blog’s redesign was delayed until next month, and now Royal Week is delayed, too – luckily only until next week. It’s a Bummer. 

Hey Ice Warriors,

SUB ZERO, Club Penguin IWNH HQ ~

Club Penguin moderator – Megg; has published a new blog about the upcoming next week of royal items to the Club Penguin App. Click read more to see the items you can collect for.

Here’s what Megg has said:

Hi Penguins!

I’ve got an update for you about the suprise Royal items you may have been expecting on the Club Penguin app this week. It looks like we ran into a bit of trouble with the launch of the items, and the team is working really hard to fix it!

We should have them up by next week — I’ll keep you all informed! Until then, here’s a look at what you’ll be able to collect:

OH! And don’t forget the Royalty meet-up next Friday 😀 — Stay tuned for all the deets.

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

Wow! They’re bringing it back the royal items that are really old! Even tho, l already have these but goodluck to those who didn’t have it and are gonna get it!

Bummer. Oh well. Best of luck to the team fixing the bugs! Hopefully nothing else has to be delayed.:mrgreen:

Bye for now,


Fifth In Command and IWNH Creator

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