IWNH: Ice Sculpture aka Festival of Snow will be returning to Club Penguin as their preparations+ New pin! [June 24, 2015]

Hey Ice Warriors,

 photo iwnh-new2_zpsj8f7swta.png

SUB ZERO, Club Penguin IWNH HQ ~

Club Penguin has updated all the ice cubes of Ice Sculpture, [which will be known as Festival of Snow], will be all over the island; ready to be waiting for those who will be the winner, get to be in the ice cube. Just like what they did back in 2007 Festival of Snow, and 2009 Snow Sculpture Showcase. + the new pin – Two weeks has passed since Club Penguin released the Beach Day Pin so a new pin has been hidden on the island!

If you log on to Club Penguin this week, you’ll see mounds of snow in nearly all the outdoor rooms. The team is getting ready for the Festival of Snow!

Here is the Festival of Snow that club penguin has put the ice cubs in:



The Beach:

Ski Village:

Ski Hill:

Snow Forts:






The new pin is the Sunglasses Pin. You’ll find it at the Plaza. This is the third pin to be hidden at the Plaza (fourth if you count the Circus Tent being at the Fair Booth during the 2007 Fall Fair) and it is Club Penguin’s fifteenth pin of 2015. I absolutely love its location! 😛

I’m really looking forward to this event! It looks like the one at the Iceberg will be extra big… Plus l really love the new Pin because it’s summer and this Pin matches the summer style of sunglasses!

Bye for now,


Fifth In Command and IWNH Creator

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  1. […] week, Club Penguin are putting the ice cubes all around the island as their preparation and now its here! Just like what they did back in 2007 Festival of Snow, and 2009 Snow Sculpture […]


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