Feeling bad now? You showed your loyalty

People who left with kingfunks4 are now trying to get back in during out rise. You left us when we needed you. Now your trying to join back is rise? No. Even if a former 2ic comes back now, YOU have to join for either low mod or high member and prove your loyalty.

You showed that you were not loyal to IW but that you were loyal to funks because he kept you a high rank.



Furious, Ice Warriors 3rd in commander.

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  1. Nice post. That’ll teach them to leave for a less powerful army.


  2. Still not our fault Drew banned us.

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  3. for an dumb leader (wary)


  4. When l was in Ice Warriors, the army has became really chill during Icey’s leadership and that where the start is, when l joined the Ice Warriors. During his leadership, l was feeling like Ice Warriors are having fun and everything was set as normal. I joined the Ice Warriors as low rank, and l was loyalty until Albert became the leader of the IW, IW became a lot more better, and then Bears became the leader. But l was in DW at the time, and l wish that l have stayed longer, but yeah. I was in IW afterward again, during Tes7 and Funk’s leadership back in the beginning of 2014. But yeah, like l said – if you’re gonna talk crap about how im not loyalty to the Ice Warriors, at least l just wanted to get things back, just like what we did during the past Albert’s leadership. Im not a traitor, but l dont like it in a wrong way which l didn’t like. Remember l got fired 10 times? I was scared, and l was afraid. I didn’t even like it. Im not “Funks crew” I have the people that l know, has cheer me up. Those people made me happy, but l also recruited people to the army. Please stop this, its not gonna happen like a big war time now.
    May the god help us, and the Ice Warriors.

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    • Andrew was chilled with u.. he had no plans to fire u.. if u qould hve 1 month more u would’ve been 3ic jesus


      • Andrew told me its one army rule. But lm leading the Pink Ice to make a better history and better generation under me. I just wanted to lead them to see how good l am, and how much experience l have done for them. I wanted to lead Pink Ice cuz they’re my fav army.


  5. Dan you just left RPF which makes YOU unloyal and ungrateful for everything they do for you.


    • Dan just needs to stop being a fucking hopper and shit. Just stay in one army ffs.


    • 1) I never joined RPF. I was mod cuz Im vet/Former Leader
      2) Return of drew was planned so I was just pasing time until it happens. It happened and I came back here.

      Just mind your own business


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