This Weeks Plan // Warning to the Community

Hello Ice Warriors!

This week we’ll be having tons of invasions on servers that have yet to be invaded by other armies.

We’ll be invading this entire continent along with the islands near the coast. This does not include the servers Hypothermia and Icicle as they’re owned by our brother allies the Dark Warriors. However we will most likely try to work out a deal with them so we can own the entire continent by ourselves. If any armies decide to intervene in our affairs this week, the Ice Warriors will take severe consequences against any threat that attempts to oppose us. If your army owns one of these servers on this map, please come to me (Andrew24) so we could work something out.

Operation Dagger will be commenced starting tonight at 7 CST.

~Winter is Near~

Signing off,

~Andrew24 Leader of the Ice Warriors

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  1. what a thug


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