[UK]Thermal Takeover Results

UK Events

Hey Troops!

Today we attempted to take over the Server Thermal.

As our dear leader says himself….



Great Job Ice Warriors, we maxed a solid 60+!

Our event looked a lot like this:

Even though it looks as if we’re outnumbered in this next picture, the DCP were no match for the Ice Warriors!

We did an amazing job today Ice Warriors.

We reached a whopping 67 people in our xat chat today!

Wonderful job today Troops, I couldn’t be more proud. I heard there will be some promotions today 😉 Stay tuned to icewarriorscp.com and look at the latest posts from one of our leaders to see if you’ve been promoted!

4 Responses

  1. I came! Awesome job guys! 😉


  2. Nice


  3. I came, but CP did the same thing as yesterday! I hope it lets me do an event soon. Good job troops! You all did well!


  4. I was here as well.


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