What do you want on Ice Warriors?

Hello Ice Warriors, today I come here to talk about something that we want and some ways we can get it.

Lets be honest, sizes are not that big on Ice Warriors as they were before so thats why I came here to make a poll in which I will be asking you:

What new stuff would you like to have on Ice Warriors?

Yeah thats right, what you would like to have on Ice Warriors? This will help us to know what people think of Ice Warriors and what they think it could be useful to improve our sizes, so from now on, I would really ask all Ice Warriors their answers and opinions on what do you think it would be useful to add on Ice Warriors to increase our sizes. You can tick the number of options that you want but, dont spam it and say the truth please. If you tick the option which says “Other”, it will ask you to type your answer which you think can help IW increase their sizes.

What new stuff would you like to have on Ice Warriors?
New and never used before formations
Chance for Mods/Owners to lead some events
More word tatics
Kick out bad mods
Do some games and activities even out of Club Penguin
More interaction between Staff and Users
More events and trainings
More divisions and more people from all around the world
To have famous bloggers on Ice Warriors
Have stronger rules so that we get stronger
More membership raffles (we can only do them if we get sizes like 40+)
Stablish recruiting requirements so that people join
Teach how to recruit
Please Specify:

Poll Maker

(If you cant view it, click here)

Thank you if you answer it, Im sure this will help IW to grow lots and I really appreciate that all of you recruit, Thank you.

5 Responses

  1. I want to be unbanned. My name is Givenchy God and I am 4ic on the ranks. You see, I came on, was banned, and I don’t know why. Be here tomorrow at 4:00 PM PST, and unban me.


  2. Name: Petey222
    What I want to see:

    New and never-used formations
    Teach how to recruit
    Famous bloggers on IW site
    Bad mods being kicked out
    Games and activities out of CP
    More divisions


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