The CPA Minecraft Server


Hello to IW, and the rest of CP Armies,

It is I, DrMatt, and today I am introducing a fun new experience for all of CP Armies. I am launching a Minecraft server, not just any server but a modded one. Aquabluetjet and I have been working on this for quite a while now. We bought the server yesterday and we are preparing to launch it very soon. But in order for this to happen, I must explain the tutorial on how too download the modded Minecraft.

*There will be a written tutorial and a video tutorial.

Step 1: First go to

Once you’re there, go to downloads and download either Windows, Mac or Linux, which ever service provider you use. Then it will start downloading. Please note that for some Mac users it might not work so don’t panic. I will exactly lead you right through.

First method: Right click and press open then press run.

Second method: If that doesn’t work, go to system preferences, go to security and privacy and press the padded lock on the lower left and change it to “Allow Apps to be downloaded from anywhere” instead of Mac only. If the lock keeps logging, press the allow button on the atlauncher symbol in preferences, then it should begin to run without a problem.

Step 2:

You’re already halfway there!!

Once you run it, you should see a log screen downloading all the logs so it opens up to the actual launcher. Once it’s opened up to the actual launcher you would want to go to Modpacks and look for Crundee Craft. Once you see it, you go to new instance and install the latest one. This will take a few minutes.  Eventually it will stop you to download lucky block which is easy. All you have to do is put the jar in your downloads folder which opens up for you once you close out of that press “I’ve already downloaded it” and it will resume downloading.

Once you are done with the installation of your instance, go to the instance tab in the launcher. If you do not see your CrundeeCraft there press update. If it’s still not there either reinstall it or restart your launcher. Once you’re done press play and your on your way into the Minecraft Server.

Last but not least you, will need the IP.


Tutorial Video Here

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