[USA] Training Session Ft. Bots

Hey Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on our capital Husky.. then we logged on Crystal.. and after that we logged on Deep Freeze. But even after switching servers twice, the bots felt the need to molest us even more. No need to fear, we were bot raided by a retard. 

After sitting in the town for a few minutes and having the bots attack us, we fended them off with our amazing snowball skills and huge shlongs. No pictures were taken in the Town because we were too busy laughing at this virgin of raiding. Trader was shot down by the raider’s cannon of ddos attacks and Badboy, Matt, and Ghost were left with the arsenal to destroy the bots along with the rest of the Ice Warriors. 

Other armies would of cried because of the bots and logged off, but not us. We fought the bots until all of the bots were begging for mercy; our strength overcame them and they ended up logging off. After the bots retreated to their irrelevant cave, the Ice Warriors met up at iceberg to celebrate the amazing victory they had just won.

Maxed 40+

Averaged 35

Don’t Freeze Up.







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