Weekly Recap #6

Sub Zero, Ice Warriors Capital

Heya Ice Warriors! Another week has concluded, and that means it’s time for another recap. Let’s see what the game divisions had in store for us this week!


This week was a much lighter week with our Club Penguin events! We started the week with a fun troop u-lead event that maxed a total of 51 penguins! On Monday, we had a small practice battle with SWAT, and a Cart Surfer competition! Congrats to the Ice Warriors for winning the practice battle and to SWAT for winning the Cart Surfer competition! On Wednesday, we had our divisional practice battle vs. PIC, which maxed 50 penguins! A last-minute water showdown battle with Red Ravagers (RR) occurred on Thursday, where IW split into two teams, Life Vests and Scuba Divers, and RR were Mermaids. The event maxed 45 penguins. On Friday, we ended the week with an AUSIA training event and our huge practice battle against Help Force, in which we maxed our highest of the week 55 troops!

– DrQueen

Our Practice Battle against Help Force!


This week we had 2 Minecraft events on our server! The first was a Treasure Hunt hosted by Levelz & Kally which was super fun and quite a challenge! The second event was Hide and Seek, hosted by Kris, lots of people attended this event and it was really difficult to find anyone who was hiding!

– Subster


This week the Roblox division had a much calmer schedule with two events hosted by the #QUEENTWINS, IceQueen and DrQueen! On Tuesday, IceQueen and Co-Host Bun held an AUSIA Murder Mystery 2 Event. There was a surprisingly huge turnout with a total of 30 troops in attendance! On Saturday, DrQueen hosted an EU/US Hide & Seek Event. Everyone had so much fun hiding and camouflaging on the different maps! Below are some funny photos of troops that attended the Murder Mystery 2 Event.

– IceQueen

Voice Chat Events

The Voice Chat Division had a total of 5 events this week! We kicked off the week with a fun Jackbox by Kally and Burger, and we later had 2 amazing Kahoots. An Anime Kahoot was hosted by IceQueen, and a Music Kahoot which was hosted by IceQueen and Kally, they are always a blast! Of course, we had to have an Ice Warriors favourite, Karaoke hosted by IceQueen, Gavin, and Franz. Lastly, to end off this week of Voice Chat Events we had another Jackbox event, hosted by Blushock and Clindsz.

– HeadChicken

Miscellaneous Games

The miscellaneous division had a fun week with over 5 games. We started the week by playing Psych. The following day was AtWar, one of our most popular games. We also had a fun Pokémon tournament and the next day, a Mario Kart 8 tournament was hosted. We finished the week by playing a fun game of Mafia. What a great week for this division. What was your favourite game? Let us know down below in the comment section!

– Purple


What were your favourite games of the week? How many snowflakes were you able to collect? Let us know in the comment section below!

🌈 Kally

Ice Warriors Leader in Training

DrQueen, Subster, IceQueen, HeadChicken, Purple

Weekly Recap Helpers

3 Responses

  1. My favorite event this week was the roblox murder mystery one uwu


  2. My favorite this week was the Practice Battle against Help Force!


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