Training & Race on CPR [EU]

Hi Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Ascent to train some formations and tactics. After the short battle prepartion, all Troops competed in our famous Ice Race on CPR. Who was the fastest? Who won?

== max penguins online: 54 ==

ROUND 1 winners: Clindsz, Freedomist, Toby0902
ROUND 2 winners: Clindsz, Subster, Snow the 2nd, Da Best
ROUND 3 winners: Clindsz, Snow the 2nd, Toby0902

❄️ Congrats to all winners! Extra Snowflakes for all of you ❄️

Size Photos

Ice Race Photos

That’s all guys! New events are coming soon so go and check our Discord server!

Much love and see you around,


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