Troop, Recruiter and Staff Member of the Week: April 20th 2021

Hello Ice Warriors!

A new week means new Troop, Recruiter, and Staff Member of the Week! Who got this honourable title this time?

Troops of the Week: StarQueen & P1nguino8

StarQueen is our current Head General and one of the most active troop on our Discord chat. Despite the late hours of our events for her, she always tries to attend them and shows us her battle skills. If you ever met StarQueen, you know how amazing, kind and helpful person she is! Thank you for being with us StarQueen! You are an example for other troops and our AUSIA division’s future!

StarQueen with her IW uniform

Corporal First Class P1nguino8 is one of the most enthusiastic troop in our army. Her commitment to our community makes the spirit of the army come alive. Also, P1nguino8 attends bunch of our events, always is ready to welcome newbies to our Discord server and show them how to use IdleMiner game-bot. Thank you for sticking with us P1nguino8! The positive energy you have is like the first rays of the sun after the storm!

P1nguino8 ready to sell ice-creams on the sea

Recruiter of the Week: Hana

Hana is our current General and one of the most active member of the Ice Warriors Recruiting Regiment. Thanks to her determination and sweet personality our army is growing happy and strong day by day. Thank you Hana♡ for being with us We admire your commitment to the community!

Stylish Hana is going to recruit some people to IW

Staff Members of the Week: Franz & Maya

Head General Franz is in our army for a long time. As a member of our staff team, he is always ready to help everyone in need, spend time with them and cheer them up. Also, Franz attends many of our Club Penguin events. In addition, he is a part of our Ice Warriors News Centre. If you read his articles, you know he has a writers talent! Thank you Franz for being with us. It is an honour to work with you.

Franz with his new IW uniform

Maya is our current Lieutenant General and one of the kindest staff member. You probably had a chance to meet her on our main-chat or on our Minecraft server where she is one of the moderators. Also, Maya maintains friendly relations with other armies and make our army looking so good. Thank you Maya for being with us! With you, our army is such a better community. Happy birthday, dearest! 

Make sure to congratulate StarQueen, P1nguino8, Hana, Franz and Maya when you see them on main chat!

Much love and see you around,

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