Q & A: Minigame Frenzies

Hey Ice Warriors!

Hope you’re all doing well. For today’s Q&A, I decided to ask some exciting questions and talk to our warriors about memories, minigames, and even nickname changing. Keep on reading to find out what the people said!

We all know that Law changes nicknames, what is one of your favorite nickname combinations/trends she has done?

Blueraven: The food one!

Swirl: Well the last nickname changes trend that was pretty funny to me was the KFC name changes.

Kally: Honestly I don’t like the nickname aboos but you can save yourself by changing your name to a different font :goo~2:

What is one of your favorite moments that have happened to you in IW?

Cloudy: My favorite moments that happened to me around IW is that when I start to chat to more troops from private to head general and start to get more friends 😀 Then, there is of course when I got my SIT, I was very happy and excited to be able to participate more in IW. Then, one of my proudest moments is when I joined March Madness! It was my first time joining a big event that I need to wake up at 2 am in morning. Even though I wasn’t able to join the semi-final I was happy that I got to join it.

ReddyRed: Well, there are a lot. When I first joined, It felt amazing when I was welcomed kindly by most people online. Then when Subster helped me make a CPR account, I LOVED being promoted. Dave was supporting me saying I was the fastest one to reach Private First Class. Obviously not. Then when I went on a drawing spree, for the staff. I made almost all staff my friend by the end. The staff who were left, dw, I’m coming back (drew baby Yoda for you hc <3) Last, and the latest one, when I was promoted to Head General. SIT is so close now. Everyone says, “We would love to work with you Red!” and it feels amazing 😀

Cherry: Becoming Staff; was a great accomplishment that little smol troop me thought I would never achieve :ACOSP_sadpeacesign:. Making so many friends!! ever since I’ve joined IW, I was a Lil shy, but everyone was so nice, and I became a really outgoing person here, as well as so many friendly faces (or voices? how do I explain that phrase :screams~1:). VC moments are another big highlight! I’m the type of person to talk a lot, and I always have the funniest convos with others (P.S. join us for evening math lessons from urs truly :IWwaiting:). Last but not least, Harry Styles. Self-explanatory, I guess you could say I’m known for my Harry Styles obsession, as well as not getting over my 1D phase that should’ve ended in 2015. :IWwaiting:

Now for the last question, sometimes after a training event or battle, we will have a Minigame Tournament! What was your favorite Minigame Tournament so far?

GhostGirl: I like mine cart surfer even though I suck at it XD, It’s fun when you have to turn and then your like RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT phew AAAAA LEFT!

Chevy: My favorite was the Cart Surfer mini-game tournament because that is my favorite CP game. It’s also super fun to play, easy to learn, and seeing IW come together to play a game is super cool to see and makes me enjoy IW just a little bit more than I already do.

Franz: That’s a very hard question and I’m glad you asked that! I really liked playing Pizzatron because, in my opinion, it’s a very fun game. I feel like it improves my agility due to the fact that you have to be fast when playing. :goo~4:

Hope you enjoyed today’s Q&A. Make sure to check out #event-information on our Discord Server for the next event and comment below what your favourite nickname combos were! As always…

Never stop being yourself! 

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