Meme Monday: A Glimpse Upon the Front Lines

Happy Monday Ice Warriors! I hope you’ve had an amazing day so far, and if not then hopefully this article will cheer you up and make you laugh because we have a brand-new edition of Meme Monday! Today marks the first Monday of June, so let’s start this month off strong with some fresh new memes!

If you’ve taken a look at our meme channel lately, you would have noticed that a Meme War has been popping up! It seems there are two sides to this war, the Horsemen and the Bluejackets. The Horsemen consist of Staff members Alucard, Krosive, Saoirse, SuperEvilSlayer, and TheNathanBoy! On the opposing side, we have DelightedGoyal, ReddyRed, Hiro, and Glitter as the Bluejackets! Now that we’ve met the competition, let’s leap straight into the front lines of the Meme War!

I’ve seen many people asking lately how the war started in the first place. I did some digging and found a meme made by Super, accusing Reddy of being the origin of the war.

Is ReddyRed the mastermind behind the war?

Is ReddyRed the mastermind behind the war?

Et3rnal: SuperEvilSlayer created a meme stating that you were the original person who started this Meme War. Is this true? If so, what were your intentions behind starting this whole mess?

Reddy: Yes, it was true. The only motive was that I wanted to show that I’m better than Super at making memes and didn’t have to beg for the Best Meme Creator Award (and he still lost haha). Slowly, all the current members started joining in, and the fun (or chaos, however you look at it) started. 


This next meme was made by DelightedGoyal. Let’s hear about his opinion on the battle!

Is DelightedGoyal clowning on himself?

Et3rnal: Alucard, a member of the Horsemen, informed me that when you first joined the Meme War you fought alongside him. Is this true? What persuaded you to change your mind and fight for the Bluejackets instead?

Delighted: When I first joined the Meme War, I didn’t really officially join the Horsemen. What happened was they offered a place to me, but I rejected politely because Red was a best friend of mine and they had fewer people so I decided, why not make it fun and join their side?


Delighted rejects the Horsemens’ offer and joins the Bluejackets instead!

Next up, we have a controversial topic about the Meme War, expressed in meme format by SuperEvilSlayer! It seems people from both clans, and even innocent bystanders, all have different outlooks on what should determine “power” within this war!

What gives power in this war?

Et3rnal: Nathan, what is your viewpoint on this meme? What do you think should dictate power in this war? Is it the pins? The Best Meme Creator Award? The number of appearances on Meme Monday?

TheNathanBoy: Well honestly the wars been getting annoying, just these “Bluejackets” acting like they are better, saying “it’s about the pins” and “it’s about the meme award” but in reality, it should all be about IW. A “Meme War” just distracts us from our real duties in IW. This meme shouldn’t dictate the war, the number of IW memes we post should.


Et3rnal: Hey Kirb, Although you aren’t involved in the Meme War, what is your opinion on it, and what do you think should give authority in this conflict? Which side do you think will reign supreme in the end?
Kirb: I mean they are funny memes, but I feel like it’s too close to decide who will win at this point. However, I feel that the number of Meme Monday appearances is important.

4 Responses

  1. F in the chat for when #iw-memes was just that iw memes


  2. we will win uwu owo


  3. All the people trying to make memes peacefully: 👁👄👁




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