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Over the past few days not many people have been coming to the chat, and don’t think I’m taking this un-noticed. During the Weekend and on Friday, all troops are to report on the chat as much as possible. Sometimes unscheduled battles occur and that’s a great chance to get medals. Plus, if nobody is on the chat, try to get some people onto it or just wait till more people come. Some people say it could be boring, but what you could do is if nobody is on the chat, minimize the chat and keep the chat volume ON and go do something else on the computer. But, once you hear people talking on the chat, that’s your time to talk.

Starting today, I will be making a whole new medals system. Depending on your rank, once you get a certain amount of medals you will get promoted. To make things more interesting, we will be having “prizes/rewards”. For instance, if you have 10 medals, you can cash them in to be a Temp-Mod for 1 day, or if you cash in 25 medals, you can lead a MINI unscheduled battle. I will be making the medals page sometime today, and medals will be given outTOMORROW.

To start off with handing out some medals, we will be having a practice battle with the divisions. (NOTE: I will be redoing the divisions page either today or tomorrow). Here’s the info:

Where: Sub Zero, DOJO

When: Saturday


Eastern: 1:00 P.M.

Central: 12:00 P.M.

Mountain: 11:00 A.M.

Pacific: 10:00 A.M.

UK: 6:00 P.M.

Here’s how the medals will be given out. Depending on how many people come to the Practice Battle, the more medals people will get. Here’s how it will work for the Practice Battle:

1-5 People come: 1 Medal

6-10 People come: 2 Medals

11-15 People come: 3 Medals

16+ People come: 4 Medals

NOTE: This wont be the first time you get Medals. You can get medals by unscheduled battles/events, coming to the chat a lot, etc.


Lets do it together

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234


Godplaya: Well Icey, I think you’re absolutely right. But even so, we’ve tried to persuade people to come on the chat often before this. But now, I have a new idea. As well as receiving prizes for coming to events, you can receive medals for how many hours a day you spend on the chat. I know this might be a little faulty, because you never know who’s going to try to be witty and trick us, but we’ll figure something out. So anyway, you can spend for example:

  • 1 hr. on chat everyday for a week, and receive: modship for 2 days
  • 2 hrs. on chat everyday for a week, and receive: ownership for 1 day
  • 3 hrs. on chat everyday for a week, and recieve: contributor on site for 3 days
  • 4 hrs. on char everyday for a week, and recive: author for 2 days

Of course, you can’t be on chat for four hours being idle and doing homework, you have to actually talk. Also, these hours don’t have to be consecutive. Let’s say you were working for a 3 hour goal. You can come on after school for an hour, do some homework, go on for another hour, finish your homework after, and then spend an hour before you go to sleep. But anyway, we’ll work out the details.

P.S. Can I help you make the rewards page? :?

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