After an Epic Win, Comes an Epic Time

GP Edit >>> I don’t know from where, but people are saying IW is involved in this new upcoming war, RFW & allies vs. Golds & allies. The RFW have scheduled an invasion, but without Icey’s permission, I cannot say for sure whether or not we will be participating. FOR NOW, WE ARE NOT PARTICIPATING. ICEY, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, THEN PLEASE VALIDATE WHETHER OR NOT WE ARE DECLARING WAR.

Also, there will be a Government meeting this Friday:
7:30 EST
6:30 CST
5:30 MST
4:30 PST

I apologize that the font is not its usual size and color, but my computer is messed up on WordPress, and it’s not loading.

Today, my fellow Ice Warriors, I type this not as an officer, but as a friend. As a, person with an opinion.

As many of you know, last night, we defended ourselves against the menace of the Golds. They wanted our 4th Largest Army Spot, and we proved to them we lived up to that name. But still, the Golds have claimed they are victorious. This post will go into so much detail about the flaws of saying “Golds won”, the Golds would never dare to even open their mouths again on this topic.

Several methods of our “cheating” was accused by the Golds leaders.

  1. Multi-Logging via Penguin Storm
  2. Getting recruits on CP because of our color
  3. Using allies
  4. Icey saying Golds won
  5. Having judges judge who won
  6. Logging off early

Now, here are my answers to all of these ridiculous accusations:

  1. All of the penguins that were on CP were members, which means they were paid for, which means they had clothes on, which means they were not bots. There might have been a few penguins that were non-members, but the only one I knew of was Rugrat93, because he was banned. In any case, he was wearing old non-member stuff, which means the bot couldn’t have been created during or before the battle.
  2. Getting recruits is in no means cheating. I was enraged when we are accused of cheating because or color was blue. Getting recruits is the basic rule of warfare, ask anyone. :roll:
  3. We did not use allies. Golds claimed they saw Kj and Eddie dressed in IW uniform. It just so “happens” to be that they are on the IW ranks… :roll: Also, Feephill claimed to see Ganger tell RFW to dress in IW uni. First of all, I asked him for a proof, and he didn’t have any, so tough luck. Second of all, Ganger wasn’t even on the RFW chat throughout the whole battle.
  5. Judges judge, right? That’s what they’re for. To judge. Yes, asking Person may have been a little biased, but when I put up the video soon, we’ll see how biased Person was ;)
  6. Iceman and I agreed that the battle would end at 7 o’clock sharp. Not 7:01, not 7:10, not 7:15. Seven o’clock. As soon as the Snow Forts clock read 7:00, we logged off. Unfortunately, CP disconnected my penguin because I was inactive for 10 minutes, therefore I could not record the 7:00 log off. Either way, the battle was not last man standing, and we had outnumbered the Golds throughout the whole battle.

As you can see, the Golds have now been officially verbally pwned.

After the war, Golds Leaders, Person, Me, Greeny, Ruggy, and King went to the IW Congress chat. I recorded the whole thing, but found it had to many curses to put up here and deleted it (coughcoughDREAMcoughcough). What we discussed was a very threatening situation poised at Golds. If they don’t shut their mouth, then it would be very likely that the following would happen:

Nachos, IW, UMA, RFW, smaller armies


Golds, smaller armies

(Teh time has come :twisted: )

And now, for my final paragraph. Today, the Golds and ST attacked Sub Zero. THIS IS AN ACT OF WAR. Golds, we are ready to kick your a** any day. Because the war is over, invading Sub Zero to “practice”, is no longer practice. The war has been won by us, and we will not tolerate an invasion of our prized server. The next time you invadeany USIW server, I will personally get every noob army there is, plus all of our already allies, on your sorry a**. I don’t give a d**n if you apologize, because next time, I willmake sure you have a problem. I hope Golds can learn to talk carefully, because if not, destruction will not avoid the them.

I’ll pout up the video by 5:00 EST today.


~~Liberty’s Warrior~~

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