Army News + Top 10 Armies

The reason I decided to make a post about some news going on in other armies is because CPA hasn’t really done that in like 2 Weeks. So I’m guessing that a lot of people are waiting for it and anxious to see whats happening in other armies. Not only is this post going to be talking about army news but it will include a Top 10 list of the Major Armies at the moment which is the part of the post that most people care about. Enough with the chit chat lets begin with some army news!

ACP: The ACP recently were in a War against the Tacos over some argument between a high rank Taco and ACP soldiers. They successfully defended Snow Fort from the Tacos. Had Promotions for all Staff Sergeant and Below had a Recruiting Session that was very successful averaging 30-40 people on CP. Lastly are going to be having a Senate Meeting and a Tactic Session this week.

Ice Warriors: The IW recently Re-invaded and Defended Sub Zero successfully from both the RPF and the UPA averaging about 20-35 people on CP. They also had a Active Count in which they got 115 comments which is pretty good considering they just went through a rebellion. Cleared their ranks from all the  in-active troops and had a Promotion Day. Lastly are going to have a PB with ACP this weekend.

Nachos: The Nachos haven’t really done anything that involves going on CP but they have been working with their soilders chat wise and site. They decided to give each mod rank a different job to do on chat and each worker on the site a day in which they have to add all the new recruits for that day to the ranks. Recently one of their leaders, Kingkinz10, quit the Nachos which led to them getting new leaders, Tomb and Ads. Lastly had a recruiting session and a promotion day.

HSA: The HSA started off the Week by having a Promotion Day and recently had a PB with Team Gold in which I believe they tied. They also invaded Mukluk from the Tacos which they didn’t win and had a Recruiting Session. Currently they are having elections for new 3rd in commands and are going to have a Training Session this Friday.

GW: The Golden Warriors didn’t really do much this week. They recently had one of their Soldiers retire from GW aswell as another one who is about to retire. Also posted an Active Count in which they currently have 64 comments.

Brownies: The Brownies recently invaded Ascent in which they clearly won averaging about 8-12 troops and had a Promo day following the Invasion. Also defended Ascent successfully from some army called Team Knight. Lastly they will be facing ACP’s Alpha Division this weekend.

UPA: The UPA recently invaded Icicle from MFW averaging about 5-10 people on CP. Now they are deciding what Server should be their Capital. Are going to be having Training Sessions from the 2nd to the 5th and are going to be Battleling IMAF this Friday.

UMA: The UMA recently had a promotion day so if your in UMA go check if you got promoted. They also had a retired soldier rejoin them. Also posted about how they have been really in active and getting a small amount of people on CP.

WW: The Watex Warriors started of the week by having a Promotion Day aswell as an Active Count. Recently one of their leaders, Greenday9991, retired leaving Luc as the only leaders. So because of that they decided to hire Zappeh and Pinkey as their new Leaders.

FW: Recently the Fire Warriors changed their domain to and created a APP for the Iphone/Ipod touch. Lastly they are going to be having a 5 day training camp.

Team Gold: Team Gold recently had a Recruiting Session which looked like was a success. They started of the week by having a Practice battke with HSA in which they tied. And are going to be defending White Out, one of their servers, from the Clones. Lastly will be having a practive battle with the Fritos.

RPF: Recently RPF had Leader Elections and I believe Ziehen is the new leader. They also decided to bring back the Branch System and have an Active Count. Ziehen decided to schedule a full week of recruiting sessions of which have turned out to be a success. Lastly Commando decided to schedule a meeting for all of RPF’s allies and for RPF itself.

Tacos: The Tacos recently defended Mukluk from HSA in which they clearly won averaging about 15-25 people on CP. They also invaded Snow Fort, ACP Server, where they admitted defeat by ACP. Lastly are having an Active Count and Invaded Ascent which they clearly won from the Brownies.

IMAF: The IMAF are currently at War with the UPA over some Uniform Issue. Over the past few days they have been fighting each other countless times for this Issue. Also recently elected new leaders to lead along side Flippy. Lastly are going to be Fighting the UPA one last time to decide who the real winner is.

Now here is the top 10 Armies in my Opinion:


2.Ice Warriors



5.Team Gold/HSA






That being said that raps up this post. Comment with your opinion on what you think the Top 10 armies should be.

~Ruggy Ice Warriors Advisor

17 Responses

  1. 1st!


  2. 2nd so since the other iw site is now upa we can join?


  3. hey wtf tg didnt tied the battle we won (D)


  4. tg??… uhhh


  5. Tacos are world power we got 30-50 Tacos now!


  6. IW making Top 10 Army List?

    Ya, did no one see the flaws there?


  7. wow, big post, but not as big as revelation…lol


  8. ice warriors 2nd close to 1st 😦


  9. How is UPA big they dont even have lots of people show up to battles thats just dumb only 6 9 people showed major armies have 30 20 people show whats going on in cp armies now a days


  10. It seems like it does not matter of iw and acp nachos other armies are gaining up nachos cant keep that spot forever


  11. Here is MY list:
    Then the rest i don’t really knnow of. So i won’t comment about that.


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