Ice Warriors V.S. ACP (3 Divisions) PRACTICE BATTLE!

Greeting Soldiers,

We will be having a Practice Battle against 3 of the 4 ACP Divisions. ALL troops need to try to come to this praactice battle! At our last even we reached 42 people on our chat! Maybe sence this event is planned about 5 days in advance, more people will be able to come. Here is the info:

Where: Sub Zero, Snow Forts/Dock

When: Saturday, February 20


Eastern 2:00 P.M.

Central: 1:00 P.M.

Mountain: 12:00 P.M.

Pacific: 11:00 A.M.

UK: 7:00 P.M.

COMMENT IF YOU CAN COME! Remember, this battle is going to be against 3 out of the 4 ACP Divisions, so ACP will probably have 35-40 people. We can probably win, but we need as many troops as possible to come!

War has come home

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

26 Responses

  1. Im Coming.


  2. I’ll try



  3. Im Coming Too.


  4. ill come PS im in acp but im definitely gonna help u guys and most likely quit acp just don’t tell any acp that im quitting because its not official yet


  5. Im coming 😉


  6. coming…


  7. Ill maybe be coming


  8. Coming


  9. dont care as long as we cool with acp always have cool perspect of iceyfeet from homesr


  10. k, ill try to remember, :s i probably wont


  11. Iam sooooo there p.s. honk i will remind you. xD


  12. COming


  13. I’ll try make it

    ~ Nelly


  14. i will be there! See you there!


  15. oh and dont say im a traitor of acp! i have my reasons for probably retiring
    1 time to try something new
    2 its hard to multitask
    3 ill probably still be in acp just not as active as before
    4 if i do fully retire ill still be on chat.
    5 i have been feeling like i was supposed to join iw ever since the tournament…


  16. ill try but probably i cant


  17. I can probably come.


  18. Count me in!


  19. Count me in! Nothing to do so it will be fun!


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