Hai guys……

Hey its me Emp….. I can’t go on in like 2 weeks! I have a state test and i don’t have much free time on my hands.I have to study and all that boring things.I can try my best to come on but don’t expect me to here everyday.Bye…..

test is over today ppl!YAY

8 Responses

  1. Poor guy. Do well on your test!


  2. i have the tests too! good luck!


  3. Do good on the test dang we r losing owners


  4. YAY Emp made another post!!! 😀


  5. Yay Emp 2nd post. Plus do great on your test. Good luck.


  6. Don’t die in the semi-finals (like Nickle o.O)


  7. Good luck emp!!


  8. ello,emp. iz it trrue your quiting? :/ . I’vee seen youu around @ the forest. but didn’t know you was quiting? 😮


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