IWTC will be restarting again due to the inactivness. New and old Cadets and Teachers will be welcomed back. There will be slight changes to the way we are teaching the Cadets so I suggest the Teachers should sign up quickly and to have a meeting with us.

 For more information go to this site: http://iwtrainingcamp.wordpress.com/

Cadets may join but we are only accepting ranks Lieutenant and below. At the end of each month the Cadets who passed will be granted a promotion! So I suggest you all start getting active when it comes to classes.

This training will be one of the hardest thing you will be facing. Teachers will be pushy on you at times but this is only to get you up your feet, nothing personal. Good Luck on our first month! I do hope we don’t have to Restart again xD


5 Responses

  1. Canz i haz teacher position andz a cookie 🙄 plz i had an A+ in A team but then we got inactive 😐


  2. I was joining but it was inactive.


  3. Can I be a teacher? Like not a main one but like a helper one 😀


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