Guys i can only play up til 7:00 PM cause my dad says I play on computer “too much” if i get caught playing after 7:00 PM  he will remove internet

6 Responses

  1. (SHOCK) ONO!

    wake up early at 5:00 or somethin


  2. me 2 nickle xcept im not allowed on comp guys dont xpect 4 me to be active alth e time


  3. pop quiz!
    question 1: you get flamed/banned for:
    A.entering the chat
    B.disobeying the made-up rule of a 3ic(gill)
    C.saying ur not a nigger (gill)
    D.all of the above
    You are all correct if you answered D!

    I hope i will only get demodded ONCE a month instead of everyday (gill!)


  4. i am also scared of gill now


  5. Aww Sorry NICKLE!!! Your dad is strict.


  6. oh well its not as bad as my firend in real life becuse he can only go on the computer on staurday and sunday!


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