Week off.

Hey guys. I will be inactive this week D: I have a big soccer game coming up and I would need to practice 2 hours everyday. And I have a big project to finish in science so im fully booked =P I will try to make it to chat but I doubt that I can come this week. Good Luck with this week :mrgreen:

Oh yeah since im making this post there are several people who told me they would be inactive this week I can only remmember Nelly and Diff. If there are anymore going inactive comment in this post so you wont get demoted… just in case. Dont go inactive too long though 😉

Few reminders:

  • Somebody do the ranks page while im gone please.
  • New recruits make sure comment HERE to get a division.
  • If your in Polar kindly put |P| infront of your name so you wont forget your division.
  • If your in Blizzard put |B| infront of your name.
  • If you havent joined the Ice Warriors yet… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GO COMMENT HERE.
  • DO the divisions page. Seriously guys im the only one working on both Division and Join page.


11 Responses

  1. […] https://theicewarriorsarmy.wordpress.com/2010/05/03/week-off/#respond Get another temp im bussy this week. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)new authorninja shadowsImma going on holiday […]


  2. first


  3. I’m Gonna be inactive this week also. And I will be active next week. I have an R.O.T.C Olympic Games this week. So ya.


  4. I probably, god knows why, I just probably will


  5. Um Im like always inactive except for like mondays at certain rimes i have soccer too and im like always busy or on lego.com XD


  6. i wont be real active this week due to studying for an AP exam and some projects i need to finish up.


  7. I will be in active for week for a week or two becuse I have a science project due VERY soon.


  8. ill be inactive monday 10th-friday 14th


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