New Rule

Due to recent events, please do not mention chat on CP while recruiting or fighting.  It is leading to some people gettng banned. Im not angry at CP for this, as quite a bit of cussing has been happening in chat.  I am impressed with the changes some mods/owners have made, but the CP staff have not changed there minds.  Also, now instead of kicking, Banning will be the immediate punisment for cussing, no warning.  The bans wil last 3 seconds for the first offense, unless its someone wo has been known to cuss. Second offense is a 1 hour ban. 3rd offense will be 24 hour ban.

(all writing in blue is unnaproved by icey, so may not happen for a bit)



7 Responses

  1. i hope we can figure out a way for people to stop cussing and stuff without getting rid of the chat.


  2. gill said he banned me on chat for no reason p:


  3. can u unban me?


  4. so jazz gets banned for 6 hours every time she cusses?
    god she is so gonna take pics 😛


  5. how do you ban for 3 seconds, I can do hours, and I can do 6hours, but not 3 seconds


  6. i agree. its driving younger soldiers away.


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