Invasion of the DCP Nation

Ok guys, thats it im done with Brandon and his stupid games, he thinks EVERYONE IN CP ARMY HISTORY hates me and IW. He ALSO thinks that DCP can beat IW anytime anywhere and he thinks he owns sub zero. SO lets try a little something…. something small….. LIKE INVADE ALL OF THE DCP NATION!! ;D. Since Brandon WONT admit defeat we will be clearing Sub Zero`s real owner and many other server claims.

Clearing of Sub Zero: Monday May 17th

Times: 6:00 pm est,  5:00pm central,  4:00 pm Mountain,  3:00 pm pacific,  12:00 AM UK

Invasion of Snowcap: Monday May 17th

Times: 7:00 pm est, 6:00pm central, 5:00pm mountain, 4:00 pm pst , 1:00 am UK

Invasion of Icicle: Monday May 17th

Times: 7:30 pm est, 6:30 pm central, 5:30 pm Mountain, 4:30 pm pst, 1:30 am UK

Invasion of Sled: Monday May 17th

Times: 8:00pm est, 7:00 pm central, 6:00 pm mountain, 5:00 pm pst, 2:00 am UK

Those are all the invasions so far we will have more later on posted or edited, Bye for now.

~Gill1097 IW 3ic~


11 Responses

  1. You could make it more stylish..


  2. I can make Invasion of Snow Cap and Invasion of Icicle.


  3. i (hopefully) can come to all 😀


  4. I can’t come


  5. maby I can Go to them May ahve baseball : D
    snow nick


  6. Sorry can’t come for the first one but I’m I. For the rest! We are better than Brandon and stupid dcp!!!


  7. I can come to all events.


  8. i can make it to most invasions i think and probably the sub 0 clearing


  9. I can come to all of them but I’ll be a little late for the Sub Zero one cause of school 😛


  10. I know I can come to atleast one of them!!! FOR IW!!!!!


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