IW now owns Slushy

No no no no, i STATED ON MY POST “Declaration on War” that DCP CANNOT USE BOTS. Now im not gonna lie here is the real story, The bots started to come on in the middle of the battle so i went ot dcp chat. After 10 min of waiting to be unbanned they finnaly did. Ozzy ( Bot producer) is not in either army dcp or iw but he was attacking IW then DCP then IW. Now, i told them if bots are invading your server IW WILL HELP, but they said we have to stop invading their nation and i was like O_O, we are offering to help…. So then Flare got mad for some reason and was gonna get more bots there to help DCP. Right there IW wins here is a pic of the bots.

Bots are throwing snowballs at IW and calls off the war

Well there it is, for now Slushy is an IW server bye for now

~Gill1097 IW 3ic~

3 Responses

  1. DCP i am ashamed you guys had a pretty good size on cp too O_O


  2. did u rank me or not!!!!!!!!1


  3. Hi Icey feet! I was supposed to get a promo last week and this week on Saturday. I need 2 promos. What rank am I going to be? Thank You!


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