Does Ias know how to Rank Armies?

Practice Battle with Golden Troops

When: Saturday, June 5

Where: Thermal Snow Forts

Times: 12:00pm pst

1:00pm mst

2:00pm cst

3:00pm est

8:00pm GMT (UK)

9:00pm Central Europe

10:00pm Eastern Europe

Time Limit: 45 Minutes

No Allies, No Bots

After reviewing the past 2 top 10 army rankings made by Ias, it seems that they are quite inaccurate. Lets start off reviewing some past pictures of the current “top 4” armies.

1. Nachos
Icey’s Review – Troop Count on CP: 17-21
CPA Central – Troop Count on CP: 35

2. GT
Icey’s Review – Troop Count on CP: 18-22
CPA Central – Troop Count on CP: 35

3. ACP
Icey’s Review – Troop Count on CP: 15-20
CPA Central – Troop Count on CP: 20-25

4. IW
Icey’s Review – Troop Count on CP: 20-25
CPA Central – Troop Count on CP: 20-25

As you can see, CPA Central (Ias’s top 10) made a HUGE mistake when counting the troops for GT and Nachos. Not 1 of the top 4 have reached 30 troops on CP, yet most are able to obtain 30+ on their chats during battles. The top 4, also known as the “big 4” may lose their spots do to the top 5-8 catching up.

Now it’s time for my QUICK top 10 list, ONLY explaining the armies size on CP and chat.

1. ACP – Yes they still deserve number 1, mainly because their chat can easily get 40+ during battles, even though they only get 20-25 on CP.

2. Ice Warriors – The Ice Warrios are able to obtain 30-35 on their chat with an easy pull off of 20-25 on CP during battles.

3. Nachos – The Nachos are able to get around 25-30 on their chat during battles, and can use tactics to get 15-20 on CP.

4. GT – GT has been falling very slighty, with  20-25 troops on their chat during battles, and roughly 15-20 on CP.

5. TG – Throughout the past month, Team Gold has been rising slowly and have earned the top 5 spot. They can pull about 20-25 troops on their chat during battles, and around 15-20 on CP during events.

6. NW – NW has also been rising slowly over the past month, with 15-20 troops on their chat, they can easily pull around 12-16 troops during battles on CP.

7. DCP – Overall, DCP has been doing pretty good. They are able to pull 10-15 troops on their chat, and 9-14 during battles on CP.

8. LL – The newly formed Leage of Lightning have been doing a good job. They are able to get 10-15 on CP and 8-13 on CP. They may soon get the 7th rank on the top 10 list soon.

9. Icy Troops – Once again, another newly formed army is slowly climbing up the top 10 list. With about 8-13 troops on their chat during battles, they can pull around 7-12 on CP.

10. WW/Elites – WW and Elites both get around 7-12 troops on their chats during events. They are both able to pull around 5-10 on CP and are slowly rising after their major falls.

To me, this top 10 is pretty accurate. Any questions or concerns can be brought into a comment.

War has come home

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

34 Responses

  1. yeah its preety accurate ohh and first comment xd


  2. I actually agree with this 😆 IW do deserve that 2nd spot. (Not because I am ACP)


  3. Nice post very true


  4. Who in the fuck said you could make the Top 10?


  5. Um, Icey?
    GT proved that we get more than you in events or a tie at the least. So how does GT all of a sudden get so much less on chat and on CP? We averaged 25-30 vs. the Nachos. We had 30+ on chat the whole time.


  6. Iceyfeet Edit: Weird how Nachos only got 20 at their latest battle, and GT only got around 20-25, if not less.

    Icey ranks armies due to chats. I could get 50 people to come on chat and then go brb for 3 hours. It wouldn’t mean I have a big army. That is Icey’s way of judging it, that is good for him. Not only are his chat figures dubious, if you actually read his statistics, he says ACP gets 20 – 25 on Club Penguin. I will explain why this is complete b/s later, if you cannot already see the absoultely massive flaw in this.

    The way I rank armies is week by week. An army performs badly one week, they go down a spot. This was the case with ACP this week. They had a battle in which they got 15, it was a fluke that will not happen again, but it happens. They will almost certainly be Number 1 next week.

    About ACP, Icey says they get 20 – 25 on Club Penguin. Considering 15 is the lowest they got in the last forever, and their average is well over 40, I have no idea where this figure came from. It seems to be a comprimise somewhere in the middle, yet it is not a word of the truth.

    Ice Warriors figure is right! And it is this very fact that proves they are not number 2 army. GT and Nachos can average well over 30, and Icey has just self admitted that IW get between 20 – 25, this is the truth based on the ACP battle. And as I said before, this is why IW are not Number 2.

    So as you can see, this Top 4 of Icey’s is fanciful, biased and statistically incorrect.

    I have to go now as it is 10 O’Clock for me, but if you want me to analyse the rest of the top 10, I will be ready and waiting!


  7. Might Be Extremly inactive fir a week or 2. my parents are installing nees security software D: So I probably wont be on till i figure out the password..shouldnt be long (;


  8. For* New*


  9. Iceyfeet Edit: Gt got 25 and Nachos got 20. At the latest ACP battle, ACP only got 15-20, case closed.

    Also, in reference to your claim that none of the top 4 armies get over 30;

    Exhibit A: Naxhos Vs GT, both armies getting near/surpassing 30.

    Exhibit B:
    ACP getting 40 (Note: This was the week before and I didn’t include it in my top 10 as I only do results for that week. I am showcasing it here to illustrate my point that the top 4 armies do get more than 30, much more.)

    As you can see your figures are a long way off, therefore I suggest you revise tour top 10, possibly in line with mine?


  10. Good top ten list


  11. you defensive bastard 👿


  12. Icey. First Gt doesn’t get 18-25. I don’t know maybe you just want Iw to seem larger, and to me Iw does seem to be as equal to Acp but don’t hate on other armies….


  13. Have you guys been to ACP’s chat lately?


  14. I think you pinned NW, though we average more than that on CP, but the other armies such as LL and IT cannot hope to reach that many…Maybe on their best day.


  15. Chat sizes dont matter. Its an Armies Club Penguin Size That Does.


  16. Iceyfeet Edit: Funny how everyone only counted up to 25 GT troops at the PB against ACP.

    Icey your just going to cause problems within armies. Wow great job icey, you succesfully got 18 at the battle with acp.

    Wow thats alot…not. Gt got 20-37 at our battle with nachos. Not just 25. FAIL.

    Also at our battle with Acp we got up to 40 at one point. Fail AGAIN.

    Icey before you try to make yourself look big and tuff, count the people at the battles and your own battles before you just assume your so much better.

    Right now, Las’s top 10 is accurate. At one point in our battle with nachos Gt had 38 and Nachos had 39. Thats why nachos were bigger because they barely beat us out. Acp has fallen some but 1 battle isnt going to prove anything. Gt got up to 40+ at our battle with Acp where acp averaged 40+ too. Now Iw beat acp with 18-19 people online and you suddenly think your better than us? Count the troops in your picture, Icey your nothing but a wannabe.


  17. lol did you delete my last comment icey :P. What a noob


  18. Mostly true,but seeing how acp is really only noobs and retired people, i dont think they deserve number 1….


  19. According to your statements, WW should be at least 8th.


  20. 5-10 seems accurate but i dont know about the top 4


  21. shall try to come!


  22. ha ha i will be there and it is just like the time gt battleed acp


  23. can i join ACP?

    ive been helping them

    my name is clone14536 on club penguin


  24. can i join ACP

    ive been helping them


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