Victory on Sub Zero

Iceyfeet Edit: Message to RPF:

1. Deep Freeze – If you are a gov. of an USIW server, you only patrol the server to see if any other armies own it or are invading it. The person that is the gov. does not own the server whatsoever, it is owned by the USIW Nation, therefor Lorenzo does NOT own Deep Freeze.

2. “Cheating” – After you guys were camping out at the coffe shop, and after we partyed around the server, we had enough time to reclaim the rooms you “claimed”. Also, we are allowed to post the times up to 30 minutes early for recruiting purposes.

3. Winning – The Ice Warriors did win this battle. We won every combat to combat fight with RPF. All RPF did was run around the server “claiming” rooms as we followed then and reclaimed every single one. To me, RPF are cowards and dont know how to fight in war anymore. Back in the old days, they used to actualy fight an ary for more then 10 minutes.

Today we completely owned the cowards in RPF and UMA. Throughout the entire battle, RPF and UMA ran across the server, while being chaced by a 45+ man blue killing machine. We completely destroyed RPF whenever we had the smallest chance to fight them. The only thin RPF did was run around the server “claiming” rooms while we followed and reclaimed them. We have some pretty epic pics and a few war videos to go along to show that we reclaimed the rooms.

Snow Nicks Pictures: (click to enlarge)

Chat Size:

Also, dont forget about the Legends Cup. Our battle will be on August 6th. By looking at the upcoming Round 1 battles, our time will most likely be at 12:00 P.M. East. I will make a post on Tuesday, August 3rd with the official times. But we do know for sure that the date is August 6th.

War has come home

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

24 Responses

  1. lol tht is mad funny the RPF got killed by blue killing machines xD


  2. i was there! we protected our capital successfully! Ice Warriors=Awesomeness.


  3. Really? That sucks for RPF.


  4. btw you better hurry with the pics and stuff other CPAC will think we lose and then RPF will take our capital


  5. too EASY


  6. 7th i think an WE WON


  7. yea the kept saying they were going to win abd i kept telling them to check the town lol 🙂


  8. i didnt know our jokes killed them XD


  9. snows epic picturs


  10. i came and were pwned them both 😀


  11. Like

  12. i camez we won


  13. Lol. You guys lost. The battle had no designated time limit, so it was basically a matter of whoever left first. You guys left first. Say bye bye to Sub Zero.


  14. tidle fin lmao RPF logged off UMA logged off we logged off all of a sudden u come back on subzero when we were having a victory party


  15. lmao tidle fin rpf did leave and then came back


  16. Um, Gordon, I don’t think you’ve noticed how we’ve been winning.


  17. tidle learn how cp warfare is fought u dont run around a server claiming rooms being cowards you take on the server head on


  18. uhh guys i can assure u that there were atleast like 3 to 5 acp there in iw uniform practicing cause acp hasnt had a battle for like 2 days! thats a long time to acp!


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