Introduction? / War


Artic: I would also like to announce IW will no longer take place in using the “Room Capturing” Rules. This means your going to have to fight us out in the open.

Edit 1: I also happened to notice, RPF thinks they own Sub Zero from the 4 month ago war, If you own a PART of it, and not the WHOLE server, then ok. If you think you own the whole server, talk to ACP.

Hey guys, Let me introduce myself as your new 3ic. Hi, im gill, nice to meet you all, im starting to get to know people on chat……Well thats it.



Edit: This happened to be a miscommunication. RPF was trying to liberate Husky for us. Either way IW will still be there to fight PW.

Alright, RPF. We`ve had are differences in the past, and as of 2 months ago I even thought we were a little bit of allies. Apparently not. RPF is invading Husky, for no reason.

Now this is funny, in the post which can be found here its  the mass invasion of PW, Puffle Warriors. Yet, they invade IW for an unknown reason. They are liberating Husky, for no reason. I guess RPF want more war, and so it shall be. Here is the time and defence info:


Date: November 2nd

Server : Husky

Times: 5:15pm EST

4: 15pm CST

3:15pm MST

2:15pm PST

10:15pm U.K

All, IW, Get ready to take down RPF. PW Here We Come.

Bye for now!

-Gill1097 IW 3ic

23 Responses

  1. Ill be dere


    • dude. PW are going to ignore you. They are going to just say they are keeping husky anyway. Their reason is,”Major armies ignore us small armies.” I find it a load of bullsh*t. ACP has not once ignored a small army. And right now, neither is IW. PW needs to be declared war on.


  2. 2ND yeeehhh

    im so sorry i cant come and i reliazed that they were invading so i told gill and gad


  3. sorry i mean 3RD AND 4TH


  4. You kidding me, RPF will just do the sneaking around cheat again and frankly, I don’t need to be kicked around by Lillieb*tch anymore


  5. I will be there, I will “KILL THEM UNTIL THEY DIE” ^-^


  6. No you horribly misread that post. =P

    RPF is invading PW and PW claims Husky. We’re basiclly invading it from PW claims and then giving it to you.

    Sorry I forgot to put the “Liberation from PW” part on that one.

    ANd why else would I put an invasion of an IW server under “Mass Invasion of PW”?


  7. And no we don’t claim the whole thing but it’s hard to write, “Elections of Undetermined Part of Sub Zero” all the time so we simplify it. We’ll change the Nations page if it bothers you I guess…


  8. ”, im starting to get to know people on chat”
    Come on Gill you know 3/4 of the troops on chat. xD


  9. It’s a liberation. They’re invading it so you guys can have full force over it, and PW doesn’t think they own it. 😐


  10. Ill be there


  11. Can’t come, sorry.


  12. i might be able to come


  13. I cant come. Its too late 😦


  14. ummmm im in PW ill be with them cause im a 2ic there and like the lowest rank or something here


  15. Gill… lalallaa… email business stuff to lalalalaaa…. sent from my friends ipod! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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