9/11 The US Tragedy

Today is a testament to a great horror that has stricken the United States. From heroes to villains, today was one of the worst tragedies in American history. For those who do not know, please keep on reading. 9/11 was a terrorist attack from a terrorist group known Al Qaeda. Two planes were hijacked and crashed into both of the Twin Towers (the World Trade Center). Another plane crashed into the Pentagon. And another was supposedly heading for the White House, but brave passengers overtook the plane and crashed it in Pennsylvania, giving up their lives to save the White House.

9/11 was devastating at the Twin Towers. People from above the floor that was crashed were jumping out because they didn’t have a choice. Some burned to death, but the fortunate were lucky to get out alive. Eventually, the buildings itself collapsed. Some facts and figures included: Over 2,000 people died that day. Over 9 million people visited the memorial each year. Of those visitors, they all came from each 50 states and 175 countries from around the world. When the event happened, all schools were closed and everyone had to go home. 343 firefighters and 72 policemen gave their lives to help others live. Nobody on the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania or on the other planes survived.

This changed the United States because now, we have heightened security measures. In airports obviously, things have changed since then. The Homeland Security was created, limited liquid amounts, body scanners, and much more security measures. What I want you now to do is to comment on how this event has effected you in anyway. Maybe a neighbor was involved, or a family member. Please, respect the ones who lost their lives in the tragic day in United States history.


We will never forget 9/11 and the heroes that gave their lives to help others.

9 Responses

  1. NEVER FORGET! *salute*


  2. thank you brave heros *salutes*




  4. CRING CRING CRING!!! thank you to all the heroesthat gave up thier lives to help us survive. God bless them and everyone else


  5. My 2nd cousin’s friend (I think that is what it was) was there when it happened. But she is alive :D! RIP all those heroes


  6. that would be the 2nd day that will live in infamy (1st is Pearl Harbor)


  7. (crying2)


  8. everyone in my family that has been old enoughf to be in the military went (only th boys) and before 9/11 happened my dad was a pilot and he was flying as 9/11 happened


  9. and ik Al Qaeda did 9/11,but other people in afganistan are helping them,like the taliban and jihades,but if it was only the Al Qaeda then the war would have been over in like 2004 but they have all the other people so its still happening. and from all the planes being hijacked it was only 5 terrorists there,and with 9/11 more than 3,000 people dies,then with the war its been 100’s of 1,000’s of people died.


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