Xat isn’t working ?

When I go on xat, here is what I see: http://gyazo.com/a9dc11217f78937424c9c5092ccd5ff9 please help!!

5 Responses

  1. check your connection and keep refreshing


  2. 1. Try xat.com/icewarriors? with the question mark

    2. icewarriorscp.com/join the chatbox there..


  3. wtf r u all talkin bout???


  4. Clear your history
    Log back in
    Go to xat.com/IceWarriors
    Hope it works 😀


  5. As you may know non of your comments make sense. The picture shown when a Chat Box is Black they are currently offline not Ice warriors chat but all Xat chats. But their are some tips to get in a Chat Box its refreshing and sometimes depends on how strong your signal connection is. If you want to know how i know that this happen Answer: I ask Xat about this Answer 2: Their is a link going to appear like it says Xat is currently down or offline.


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