Ice Warriors Lols

Hello Ice warriors,

I was told to most more on the site so I came up with this new weekly reader interactive series. How it will work is every week you the readers have the opportunity to submit and vote for the 5 funniest pictures of the week. There will be 5 pictures posted and you can vote for which one you think is the funniest with the poll-daddy poll undernearth all of the pictures. The winning picture will be revealed with each new week’s post and will earn a permanant spot on the IW funny pictures page. You can submit the pictures by either posting them in the comments of the funny pictures posts or by private chatting me on xat: iBears (161923392). So start screen capping those hilarious xat and cp moments if you want yours to be featured! 😀


~Bearsboy10, IW 2ic~

7 Responses

  1. FIRST. ;D Does it have to be a pic of some1 being on chat, or can it be anything funny?



  2. That bear. It does things to you >_>


  3. being funny*


  4. im posting a pic here but im also gonna post it on the chat every once in awile. here.


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