ULead Event Results

Hello Ice Warriors!

So if you weren’t there, or didn’t know of the event, we had a “ULead” event, I got a few pics but if other owners have some, feel free to edit them in. We maxed out about 25ish I believe, are tactics were good and decent!

Since ruggy died on IW chat, I decided to make the post. R.I.P. RUGGY! (Let’s hope he’s not actually dead… icey would kill me..)

When we just started to get on..

Ruggys Pictures:

Again, if any other owners got any other pics, feel free to add them.


It turned out being  a well-planned event, I was impressed on how many people forgot, but they still managed to get on CP still! Good Job to those who were there! Overall a great event for a school night.

Bye for now,



11 Responses

  1. The first tatic picture of the blue puffle was mine ;D Yay XD I was there. 🙂


  2. I came, but i didn’t get a turn to do a tactic.


  3. forth! By the way, I came, but missed the last 5 minute sof the event cuz I had to eat.


  4. I couldn’t come. I was still at school.


  5. Lol i was there we were awesome


  6. I obviously couldn’t come as it wasn’t UK.



  7. I had a mild form of forgetfulness when I was up to my eye balls in lego trying to get the right connections on a lego project I’m working on.


  8. Sry that I didnt came, but some sad happens to someone in my class… sry again.


  9. I came


  10. i came


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