So we were focusing on ANDI for a second and we really hadn’t had a chance to put a show for ourselves this weekend. March is right around the corner this week! And now, we’re focusing back on having events of our own. Please click “Read More” to view the information for the upcoming events.

This week, we’ll be having a parade event. You can call this a performance report for now. The details for this event are below.

Event: Parade

When: Wednesday, February 29th

Times: 7PM EST || 6PM CST || 5PM MST || 4PM PST

Goal for size: 20+ 

Then, we’ll be having a practice battle. This event will be also the promotion event. Below are the details for our practice battle with the UMA.

[Promotion Event] Practice Battle: Ice Warriors vs Underground Mafias Army

When: Saturday, March 3rd

Server: Sleet, Town

Times: 5PM EST || 4PM CST || 3PM MST || 2PM PST || 10PM UK || 9AM AUS

Goal for size: 30+

And that’s all I have for you. Thanks for reading!

Comment if you can or can’t come to these events


17 Responses

  1. Parade: I can come.
    PB: I can come to that one too.


  2. Cant come to any


  3. I can come to the PB but not the parade.


  4. srry i cant come to parade its late but ill come to the practice batle


  5. Woah ist that late. If these events would be at a week end, i would come, but sry, its too late.


  6. i can come to the war


  7. I hope I can make it to both events, but its hard to be sure.


  8. I can come to both.


  9. can maybe come to both


  10. I think I can come to the Parade.


  11. Alb, HELL YES I AM COMIN TO PTOMOS! And, mabey the battle. By the way, I am moderator rank, NOT member. vI will meet you on xat ASAP to tell you why amd how, cuz I am sexy like that.


  12. I can’t come to the parade but I’m not sure can I come to PB


  13. 1.No i can’t go there

    2.Maybe i could get on it like at 2pm


  14. i may be able to come to PB i probably can.


  15. I can come to both.


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