March 2012 Promotions

Hey IW!

Ok, so that smiley must have caught your attention by now. Behold! Below are this month’s promotions. Congratulations for those who made it!

Note: To find your rank, press “Ctrl+F” at the same time and type in your CP username.

Divisions – Light blue = BlizzardDark blue = Polar

Promotions are in Light Green.

Leader – Iceyfeet1234

 Gill1097, Rugrat93


Flurrz (Funk), Honkzo6, Wwebestfan

Re19esDaleboxtelAquarunner (Phodg10)Cierra2347 (Prettyswanna)

 Pinkmateo, Johnylumber

Mayazaki, Slider568, Nitro52

 Kawaii126 (Uni), iTzRed, Frostband1

 Antman(Wehrly3), Bbonie (Rockzstarr),  Ajboyrocks

Klpx674/Ice Cold, Frostband1, Bam117, BlmiQazo900, Zee Dancer

Weatherboy1Aerwghy, Lemonade5150, Unicorn

Danny9632, Obama81000, Blackbear65, Orsat

 Marioman 831m, Melted205, Reddude5789,Tsar Seth, Pahi8, Blizzard880, John16126

 Redrockp, Mariobros980, Ming364, Ninny12348, Smashmac, Minifotty,Agentrds,  Caleb29304, Sensei01044, Gustav Holst, Borakaleas, Cherrybrite, Haha Ninja, 

Appleapp, Liam547 (Spartan547)Pingo37365, Soutchay18, Callum47968,Eelektross, Ollie3618, Shanaynay337,  Monty8, Harry Joe, Baseball1043, Bluegravy,Joezapy, Piplup14132,   Yeseniac25, Batman3, Bdog97458,Jasonx1998,  Petteyboy, Catcatjacob, Kamaria125,Ps3LegendJane156, KeypeKingdraDanielito346Mohmd124, Christohper1, Tootsiepop, Marabubamara, Infinity


Cp68, Pikachu2c, Tarixo283, Mcat Rocks, Teabem, Zinjk, Khan12312, Caelancox, Pengu1a, Cheezypizza3, Mildos6684, Zc Bee, Cpenguin50, Ralphina1, Indy 4321,Smoovie1, Skitle1802, Ohyeah786, Joesiv2000, Rhyspritch, Kevin814, Tigerpingi,Iceeblu101, Stargazer X3, Percy Jacks2, Slipy 345, Moses106,Pink41308, Lulusboy112, Mr Wadle 1, 78562cool, Shanoogy, AKON1133, Fluffyboy3, Firehot6, Red Dude877, Storm 88, Fiona387, Pent11, Rrharrison, Lilblast1999

Megamoney6, Barn360YoshiThepengy1234Cheezypizza3, Buddy11123, Hamster 103, Calvin9999, Kieran2000xZirafica5959Moe85, Ernest Girl,Woody 100Ronnp09Club boy1Jujubeans22, Cme2c, Ederan, Storm 88, Shark 54, Dadagu24, Cloepinky221, Jitsu Leon, Blue3451, Silvercamero

Lexi79Ower123Ninjaman827Funkey5376Waddle467,, Huskylover345Rodolfonovi,Pengu9010Filetofish34Zoroark1089Talon102MaymaymacD R D R E83Stardiva308Codyjordan 1Violetrock1Sparkles9346, Julyana0, Coolman31774, A Kareem

Justin AwadSlider4820Noname2221Mitchell2170Toonlink723Da Da101,Pingu4lyfGlovePingu26987Pinkiepop15Modo191089master8989,BigbigbigbigJiggy91Cutie83903SeffuBellamella2Buckbeak107,Superman4211Gail2727Kirby741SkyheatJames 468Dragonboy5,Pablo20045Riy879XtetexRed Cooper11, Bas9163,  Jamiedood, Oxnard09,  Nabby24, Giulian2, Ken4478,  Tarbo5, Kingdra 279, Best man450, Funkykong 99,Daniel Sanay, Redinorun, Gizmito2, Secret6534, Skylilly6,  Levon25, Bubblehead11,Kirby6644, Princess7025, Tiffy1470, Vasilis1234, Vivian65403, Fillax, Andy6358,Tyqu, 98Tiger3, Fish Bait 77,  Chuggaacon16, Shanoogy, Odzio02, Minniespalsh,Beef Stue8, Cupcakey4059, Lovelandjake, Odzio02, Abdul54, Wewe709, Ty395,Jbrocks099, Simpletoast11, Danielle4447, 7887 Oppo, Lanell13, Buddy Boy 10,Intrxting, Disney268, Penger 1, Blackness371/Flareenz, Jhonathan7974,Pinkydude180, DidiBouBou, Voidman, Logo5400, Dyoxs123, Kk31001,34443Guy, Sonic11352, Brainiac22, Slimy102, Sonic77371, danielle 904, Lazer1871, Mr Zips, Mario 20104, Inky2pinky


 Blueyou1, DannyNosey47514, Iceywarrior8, Shaggy13656,  Mela7273, Khris321, Kirbee1998, Floda, Aksentije, Fizzah 1, DMean, Camel209, Pearlatiya, Mserb,Mac1197, Mariofan426, Queenpop21, Funbob16, Flacky700, Rad Ball4, Pzp1212,Yuki233, Doop96, Edy82, Pechu123, Aze4, liam mail 06, Lego468, Kingjustu,Kubakuba, Rosepetalove, Tman56182, Dara52658, bad boytyler

 Dubyben, Monkkeyboy, Codyfire8, Bas9163, Isaccp2, Mindpower807,Pengwy92166, fluffy80052, Tuggers03, Grabrap123, Iceberg 795, Waddler88431,Darth maul39, Cisco99, FlipmanjrBandgeek05, lvlz, PHENOM299, Lord Anth, Guilian, Cpenguin50, Baseball1043, Harry Joe, Tarbo5, Elmo23464

If you were active and I somehow missed you, make sure to leave a comment below! You must also leave a reason on why I should promote you. Thanks for reading!


24 Responses

  1. I started to get active at the end on February and I’ve been quiet lately on chat so you probably didnt notice me. Also, last month you promised me one and I never got it




  3. Plese put CP hour for everyone… its better for all peaople


  4. Maya was innactive demkter her….. Uni retired…and um…mr waddle quit to go make an army which i was 3ic of before we died 2010-2011. Btw harry joe retired 🙂


    • Uni didnt retire, uni rejoined and got her orig. rank back. Cole 556 is still in IW, and currently brig gen. Maya is unactive and harry joe is just unactive.

      Dont say crap when you dont got your facts right.


  5. Are you serious? I came to every single event in mid february to this moment and I also picked IW in the PB between UMA which clearly stated ”Promo Event”. Also Dale promised me on chat he would give me a promo……


  6. Thanks ;D


  7. I didn’t make it 😦
    Note 2 icey: I am never online when ur online cuz I’m in the timezone GMT +1, plz don’t think me never active.


  8. I got 91 attends =)


  9. i went and you did not promote me alb D:


  10. ALb, my rank is still wrong. i got promo from the last promo event and imma captain. look at your own post ! 😉


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