Training Session Results – 4/1/12

Well, Happy April Fools day! Today, I managed to get troops on for a training session today since the previous ones didn’t work out. Size and tactics were pretty decent today. We got up to 17 troops online. I am sure that we can get more troops from recruiting over the Spring Break.

Also, make sure to keep track of how many medals you have. Your amount will be reset when promotions are given out this week. Troops that have come to this event received one medal. Stay tuned for more!


4 Responses

  1. 1st and i came to the last 2 of them.


  2. I lead one all alone!


  3. Well I thought I could make it to almost all of these events, and I wasn’t able to show up to one of them… Sorry.


  4. arent u making a medals page?


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