PB with AW!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The battle is 3:30 PM EST, not 3:00 EST, I made some typos because I was rushing this post.

Again, we have a PB with Artic Warriors. The reason were having another PB with them again is because there the closest army in the top ten that is near us and that is not in the war. I think we can do well and prove that IW can be larger than 6th. Now here is the times…

PB with Arctic Warriors!

Date: Saturday, June 2nd (The second to last event Icey will lead before retiring)

Sever: Sleet


3:30 EST

2:30 CST

1:30 MST

12:30 PST

8:30 UK!

Reward: 5 Medals

I tried to make the best time for most time zones! So I am expecting 20-30 people, if not, that would be really bad. Also, Arctic Warriors will be red for this event, we will be blue.



14 Responses

  1. 1 First (I think)
    2 I can come if my parents wont nag me to get more active 🙂


  2. Em Aj. I think you kind of need to realise, We’re not really going to get 20-30 yet. Unless Icey and I’s recruiting paid off. =P

    I suppose I’ll be there. =)


    • I’m recruiting with icey too…I’m recruiting with icey too… 😀


    • Did you see our sizes at the training session? WE HAD 30 MAX. Also, this is Icey’s last event he will lead for IW. Thats pretty big..


      • Just because It’s One of Icey’s last Events, doesn’t mean we’ll automatically get like, 25+.


  3. I’ll try to be there!


  4. I’ll come, bro.

    ~ skipper233


  5. How many medals = Promo?


  6. Can’t come due to being ground from May 29 to June 3.


  7. Dale. I wanna get this army large. Peace.


  8. I can come to the battle with the AW 😀


  9. Aj, o.o I didn’t change the time Zones. I edited the post and put a Read More button in.


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