Recruiting Session 11/24/12 Results


Today we had a pretty successful recruiting session held on the server Yukon. It was better than the event we had earlier this week since we had better size and some good emote tactics too. We got an average of 25 troops and a max up to 30 troops. As I said, tactics were good overall. Formations were good as well, and we managed to make a cross at the Dock. So overall, we did a great job in this event today. I’m sure we’ll do great at tomorrow at defending our capital server. Pictures taken from the event have been posted below.

This is the cross formation.

Nice job!


One Response

  1. Nice job guys,I wasn’t there,but I was at some un-sheduled recruiting event like 4 hours before that one and I was half leading with the help Icey,but I was leading most of the time on the un-scheduled one.


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