Applejake Retirment

Hello Ice Warriors,

I am sad to say I am retiring Ice Warriors. I believe that IW will get good scores and win every event! I only would like to retire for a couple reasons. Want to hear them? Keep Reading!Here are my reasons to retire, 1. My parents split up. 2. I stay at my dads with no wifi for a long time. 3. I never get to make events. 4. All this complaint that I am a brony and that I wear snapbacks. Just to be called swagfag? Seriously? Well these were my reasons to leave IW. Now, I will still be the host of Ice Warriors Awards! May you please remember me as the only 4ic of IW that was a unicorn? Well I hope IW will go on. I will visit chat everyday when I get home. But on my way I will not be on it chatting 24/7, if you would like to find me chatting the most visit our brother ally Doritos of Club Penguin! As I said before good luck. And my last time saying this, Goodbye.

~ Applejake 4ic (:




Thanks! :

Aquabluejet: My First Army Friend

Jack 895: Got me 4ic

Iceyfeet1234: Recruited me to IW

Albert417: Well, you kept IW up. o.e

Deepsnow13: My first xat friend O3O

Nitro 52: Lead Moon Warriors with me

Samsung3: Well, I met you in Nachos and we have been like bffs since

Dan the Nacho: I met you over summer 2012 when in Nachos

Zoo and Shiver: We were like the cp army 3 stooges 

Pewdiepie: You are funny *wary*

8 Responses

  1. You were an excelent leader i will miss you on the field. You wont be forgotton.



  2. I’m confused now, since it says “Not Retiring” but if you still are, thanks for being an awesome brony IW, you will be missed. All I have to say now is, thank you.




  4. []


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