Party Results

Hey Ice Warriors!

So today we had my final event as IW leader, and overall, we had a wonderful time hanging out. On CP, we managed to max 25-30 online, which isn’t bad at all. Tactics were great and I was glad to see that many people had come. After the usual event which was short, we went off to play CP games and other fun things :P.

Thanks to all who were able to attend! If you haven’t noticed yet, promotions have been released early, so be sure to check the ranks page to see if you got promoted! Also, thank you to those who gave me best wishes for the future. It’s been a great time leading the Ice Warriors!

Pictures have been posted below. A video of the party will be uploaded sometime later.



P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6

~Albert417, Ice Warriors Army Leader

9 Responses

  1. You will be missed, alb :3. And good luck as leader, Bears! :3


  2. goodbye alb its been nice knowing u.I may stalk u at ur house though


  3. goodbye alb you were a great leader


  4. Good bye albert417! I wish you good luck with life!


  5. After Iceyfeet retired I was concerned about how the next leader of the IW would do. As with all large armies it has been a rollercoaster ride with attendance. However every time I saw IW start to fall Alb was there to ralley the troops back up to size. Great job keeping IW one of the best large armies in the top 10. Good luck in life and follow your bliss. 😀


  6. came. and I’ll see u soon when im 4ic


  7. I was there and i miss u alb 😦


  8. I came It’s me Piol22930 i was their, sorry but i din’t last that long because i must go school! But the Party was Awesome Thanks Albert!


  9. i came for half


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