Pizza Parlor Raid [Nicely Done]

Hello Ice Warriors, 

Today we originally had a PB scheduled vs the UMA, but they are busy in a war so we had to change to a Pizza Parlor raid a few hours before the event. We maxed a very swell 30 Ice Warriors and averaged 24. Our tactics were executed with extreme percision and we also got a nice chat size of 36! =D I am pleased with the results today and our performance for the first week of my leadership was awesome! Hopefully we can pull up into the top 5 tomorrow. There are alot of pic so be ready to scroll *wary*

cant hold us back

cant hold us back1

cant hold us back2

cant hold us back3

cant hold us back4

cant hold us back5

cant hold us back6

cant hold us back7

cant hold us back8

cant hold us back9

cant hold us back10

cant hold us back11

Stay Frosty, 


8 Responses

  1. I was there 😛


  2. I came and took pictures.


  3. I was there 😛


  4. wow good tactics


  5. Came.


  6. came


  7. We did a great job! Thanks Albert for stepping in to lead agaaaaiiiin! 😀


  8. OH my gawd we are so huge o.o


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