Wha Hoppan?

Hello Ice Warriors, 

 Today we had a PB with RPF. The odds were not in our favor though because just my luck, (first weekday event for me in like 2 weeks) xat decides to take a poop on our parade. RPF’s chat was working fine from what I saw but our chat was split into a few rooms and kept refreshing and guesting us throughout the day. Also my friends list was down so I couldn’t get anyone else to chat from what we had there already. We ended up only getting 10 on cp which is not exceptable cause we had about 16 in the part of the chat I was in and our tactics were really bad due to lack of focus. Here are pics of the event:

My glitched friendslist

  My glitched friendslist

1 half of the chat

  1 half of the chat

...Found the other half!

  …Found the other half!





Thanks to Christian for a few pics!

Stay Frosty,


7 Responses



  2. Bears did some and I did some, I think we did a pretty good job despite the chats being seperated


  3. we need to improve


  4. Xat is such an ass lol.


  5. I got deownered on chat because of xat. If you could re-owner me, that’d be great.


  6. Hi just so u know i came to event..


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