The Moment We Stole Their Thunder…

Another inspirational speech from Nickle37915!

From the moment we stole their thunder, Lightning Strikers tasted lots of yellow ice after we finished them in the Champions Cup. The moment before we gave them a formidable nightmare, Summit, their incompetent troop, decided to put his foot in our land and taunted us and claiming they will win. Moments later, the opposite occurred. Enough flashbacks! We are facing them AGAIN in the Christmas Chaos Tournament. This will be an excited taste of competition and another opportunity to steal their thunder once more. Of course, we can’t get overconfident, as pride comes before fall. We must get ready to face them. We are Ice Warriors, Christmas is our time to shine the most. We will not let any army get in our way in winning the cup. When we battle Lightning Strikers, we must give it all we got, because if we don’t, we may lose to them. And if we lose to them, our pride will be stripped away and we will lose our cool. We must stay strong troops, to crush and grind our enemies into powder as trophies. Besides, do you want to taxidermy Summit and hang him in the HQ? I think not, because it’ll smell bad and he’s a disgrace to Ice Warriors as he was one of our former troops, before we fired him. Remember what you’ve been taught, as we will set fire to the rain, or in our case, set ice to the snow! Together, we will conquer, together, we are the snowball that nobody can roll because their weak muscles cannot move us, together, we are that avalanche that nobody sees coming, together, we are that blizzard that makes children go “Oh my god, no school yes!”, we are that army that people talk about, we are that army that dominated once more, and we are the army that will triumph in our golden age period of time. Sadly, our brave leader will not witness our victory. But we must bring back the memories and trophies that prove that the Ice Warriors is indeed the number 1 army. Fear the blizzard, power in the ice, and prove our haters wrong! This is Nickle37915, with the latest motivational speech, to crush and grind the Lightning Strikers, and seize that trophy! We will not lose this year, because of you loyal troops, being by our side, as the eve of our victory approaches.

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  1. 1ST!!!!!


  2. this is a good speech


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