Woot Ausia! (Unscheduled Ausia Event Results, 11/29/13)

Hi there Ice Warriors,

Today we had a very good unscheduled event with our Australian-Asian division, in which we maxed 16 (woo!) and averaged 10 with nice tactics! I’m really proud of our Ausia division for logging on and doing tactics very well, even thought it wasn’t a scheduled event. Good job! 🙂

Pictures taken from the event are posted below:


Thanks to Mchappy and Funks for the pics.

Freeze on,

-Lion P (Ice Warriors, 3ic).

6 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen: I helped lead a bit, and gather everyone on.


  2. I came


  3. Good job Ausia division! :3


  4. Wait I’m confuse was this invasion today???!!!


  5. I came and helped lead 😛


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